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Fight against medical scams is on bogus treatments being on rise

Even though the vaccination process has given good results in many countries, the threat of bogus treatments is ever looming. After Ivermectin, used by many people trying to avoid vaccination and other affairs such as Omri Sharaf and Elisabeth Holmes, we ask ourselves how much ordinary people are safe from new medical technologies and medical scams.

Not only patients’ lives are at stake, which is the worst in all situations, but also investors.

There are always people wanting to put their money into the hands of promising patents and treatments. Especially in a situation like this when a health crisis is really ruining our lives and making everything untenable.

Bogus treatments are scourging the poorest countries.

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable to these treatments are underdeveloped countries. Aside from them, there are also countries with sufficient vaccines, but relying on the treatments for an animal purpose like Ivermectin. In these cases, it has been prescribed by the doctors themselves. The black market doesn’t end on vaccines. It encompasses all surrounding the pandemic. The medicines enticing the immune system are also in demand but sold as a medical scam. There is also so much disinformation. One of them made millions to consume huge doses of vitamin D, which could have side effects.

Media contaminated with the disinformation or statements of non professionals adds fuel to the fire. Ordinary people don’t know who to believe anymore. The fact is that scientists have to have the verdict, and it has been so for so long. In the case of the latest pandemic, it’s like the medicine has lost credibility. And it’s not only the fault of people reading the paper. It’s about giving too much space to those with harmful impacts on them.

Adding to this, many have taken advantage of all situations and don’t miss the chance to take advantage and cheat you with false vaccination, bogus drugs and medical patents.

How medical scammers act

These use all old ways to approach the victims. Be it showing up at your doors just like Jehovah witnesses, phishing you in your email boxes or cold calling you. They represent themselves sometimes as the officials of Health insurance or the doctors trying to make you believe they are your only chance to get treated. Beware of these. vaccination is free and available to anyone. There is no miracle medicine in this situation. You need to protect yourself and your family members from those who want to reap you off.

What one can do if fallen a victim of a medical scam

In any case, if you haven’t been vigilant enough and you have fallen victim to a medical scam, you need to be open and talk about it. Call the police. Inform the medical and financial authorities. Many fractures would threaten you to stay silent. It’s the first warning for you. Once this happens, you need to act according to previous advice. Finally, always remember that medical treatment has its way to be promoted, and it’s surely not by sending scammers at your doors or by any means of threat.

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