John Hailer, Former Exec at Natixis, Explores Importance of Student Loan Forgiveness

As a former Exec at Natixis, John Hailer helped to spearhead various student loan initiatives designed to help employees.

As the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic rounds more clearly into the rearview mirror, the rest of the world angles for another shot at the future. One of the most prescient hurdles that individuals are facing in the economic realm at the present moment is that of student loans and student loan debt.

Former CEO of Natixis, John Hailer, has spent a significant amount of his time exploring the world of financial services, garnering more than three decades of industry experience in the field.

Considered a thought leader in an otherwise financially-focused industry, John Hailer shared some of his thoughts and insights on the current state of student debt as well as the economic impacts that can come with forgiving student loan debt.

College Education & Debt: An Overwhelming Battle

Former business leader at Natixis John Hailer operates as the Chairman of Diffractive Managers Group, having just finished more than a decade of work with Natixis as their Global Asset Manager as well as President and CEO of their Americas and Asia division. Utilizing his perch and vantage point from atop the financial industry, Hailer was able to detail some of the large and small-scale economic impacts of crushing debt.

According to Hailer’s studies, private and federal student loan debt accounted for more than $1.75 trillion, or roughly $28,950 per borrowing student. Federal loans accounted for almost all of this debt with private loans equaling less than 10%.

As the years have continued to go by, the broken college system has continued to increase overall debt levels for student spenders, resulting in lowered credit ratings, loss of home ownership, and fewer small business owners.

Making a Difference With John Hailer

As a Former Exec at Natixis, John Hailer has been staying grounded in the conversations surrounding student debt, loans, and forgiveness. Hailer spoke extensively on this topic in an interview for Boss Magazine. Hailer stated of his student loan and debt-related findings, “This was a shocking finding for us It meant one-quarter of our working population was saving nothing for retirement because of the excessive debt burden of student loans.”

Hailer went on to explore how the long-term policy implications of this kind of crushing debt should sound alarm bells for everyone at home. Hailer pointed to the importance of early investing practices as one of the primary concerns that crushing student debt had presented.

Hailer said, “We know those early years are critical. Investing regularly before the age of 40 and stopping will yield much more at retirement age than starting at the age of 40.”

To better address this growing concern, the team at Natixis developed and deployed their student loan repayment benefit in January 2016, offering up to $10,000 to every full-time employee who had been with the company for at least five years. John Hailer stated, “It was huge. The feedback we received was well beyond our expectations.”

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